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Who Was Sent Home on Jenn’s ‘Bachelorette’ Premiere?

Jenn Tran kicked off her history-making season of The Bachelorette by giving seven guys the boot in an action-packed Season 21 premiere that included repeated shots of one suitor’s bare butt.

The night started with traditional limo arrivals outside Hummingbird Nest Ranch, where Jenn greeted the 25 guys and learned a bit about their life stories. As the first Asian American lead in the show’s history, Jenn recently told Parade how much she enjoyed the fashions on The Bachelorette. Her look tonight was no exception as she met her suitors in a curve-hugging silver and white gown with a plunging neckline.
Jenn rocked the house in her night one gown with host Jesse Palmer by her side.


While the 26-year-old physician assistant wasn’t Joey Graziadei’s pick on The Bachelor, she was thrilled to get her own shot at romance with oodles of handsome hunks.
Jenn cavorted with 25 guys to start.


With arrivals out of the way, Jenn got down to the business of getting to know her suitors. She had been attracted to buff Sam M. and told him during their one-on-one time, “I can’t stop thinking about you all night. There’s something here.” In confessional, Jenn said, “I want to kiss him, and so I’m going to do it.” She gave him her first impression rose and they had a big time makeout session.

Disney/Richard Middlesworth

Jenn, who had already given the first impression rose to Sam M., allowed 17 other men to stick around for a total of 18 continuing on this season. At the ceremony, she handed roses to Dylan, Thomas N., Spencer, Grant, Marcus, Tomas A., John, Jeremy, Devin, Brian, Aaron, Jahaan, Hakeem, Jonathan, Austin, Marvin, and Sam N.

Seven men left the show without roses: Brendan, Brett, Dakota, Kevin, Matt, Moze, and Ricky.

Disney/Richard Middlesworth

Marcus, the first guy to meet Jenn, got a full introductory video. Fans learned the former U.S. army ranger almost didn’t come back from a mission after a grenade hit. Marcus told cameras he woke up in a hospital bed. He said it had been five years since he’d dated but “love is the next mission.” Jenn was very impressed!

Handsome contractor Sam M. joked with Jenn about it being “shot-o-clock” time. A video package showed Sam revealing that he had once been engaged but his gal had cheated on him. Still, he hasn’t given up on love.

The Bachelorette is known for guys making a splash on the first night, and Monday’s show was no exception. Beat boxer Grant sang to Jenn after getting out of the limo. Thomas N. gave her a bracelet with his last name on it. Brendan ate a hot pepper and promised Jenn, “I can handle the heat.” Tomas A. from Toronto brought Jenn two puppies.

But it was Jonathon who stole the show by showing up with a completely bandaged face and some overexposure below. He wore a hospital gown that was open in the back and flashed his butt to Jenn as he walked into the mansion!

Aerospace engineer Aaron rode up on a motorcycle. He told cameras his twin brother Noah had been on a previous Bachelorette season. Later, Noah met his fiancée on Bachelor in Paradise. Not to be outdone, Jeremy drove up in a flashy red corvette. Hakeem took a more circus approach, showing up with balloons attached to his back, which promptly got stuck in a tree!

Devin, 28, from Houston, Texas, told the cameras he’s a loud guy with a big personality. But he also indicated he has a tender heart, having grown up with his single mom. Devin has yearned to create his own intact family. Jenn commented that he had a “Pete Davidson vibe,” referring to the Saturday Night Live comedian and ladies’ man.
Devin impressed Jenn on the first night.


Rumor has it that Devin, a freight company owner, goes far with Jenn in The Bachelorette competition. Spencer, a pet portrait entrepreneur, learned that Jenn loves animals, but doesn’t currently own any.

Thomas N., who is Vietnamese-American like Jenn, seemed to form more of a connection with her. She told him how her mom had given up medical school in Vietnam so the family could come to America. Thomas N. had a similar life story. The competitive swimmer told The Bachelorette he holds citizenship in both countries.
Thomas N.

Disney/Richard Middlesworth

While the other guys were eager to see Jonathon’s face, as he was still wearing his medical tape and flashing his bottom, Austin stripped down and streaked through the mansion as part of a “Truth or Dare” game. Jenn finally unwrapped Jonathon—to reveal he is “hot,” she noted.

Disney/Richard Middlesworth

Sam N. admitted to her he’s a “love virgin,” because he’s never been in love or in any relationship. The pretty star later told Moze that she’s had three boyfriends in her life. Bold Brian upset Jeremy by deciding to “steal” Jenn away from him as they sat in his red corvette. Devin told Jenn they had a lot in common with their big personalities. “I’m a big talker,” and the oldest in his family, the hopeful said. Jenn enjoyed their fun conversation.

Devin humorously told The Bachelorette how much he liked it when women got their nails done. Devin wanted to go to a salon with Jenn! Marcus described himself to Jenn as a risk-taker who jumped out of airplanes while in the military.

Jenn’s journey to find love has only just begun, but it’s already clear this season promises drama, passion, and plenty of unexpected moments. As the competition heats up, viewers can look forward to more romantic dates, intense rose ceremonies, and, undoubtedly, more surprises from her diverse group of suitors.

Source: Parade, Disney