Who was Valentina Boscardin, the Brazilian model who died at 18 from coronavirus

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The Brazilian model Valentina Boscardin died at 18 in the early hours of Sunday after his coronavirus picture was complicated. She was part of the modeling agency Ford Models and aspired to be like her mother, the presenter and reporter Marcia Boscardin.

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The young woman who died this Sunday participated in several international tours, since She was a member of the staff of the Ford Models agency, which brings together models from Brazil, the United States and France.

With a very active profile, Valentina used to share her day-to-day life, moments on the catwalk and different backstages.

The last post on his Instagram account (@valenbos) was on December 19. In the images you can see her smiling and looking at the camera, with Leblon beach (Rio de Janeiro) behind her. After his death, the publication was filled with messages from his followers. “Rest in peace”, was the comment that was repeated the most.

Márcia’s career, the mirror where Valentina Boscardin looked

Boscardin had as a reference to his mother and did not hesitate to follow in her footsteps. Márcia became a public figure when she was just 16 years old and was soon working for prominent brands such as Givenchy, Christian Dior, Valentino and Armani. Her career was constantly on the rise and she earned an important place on television – sometimes as an actress in different soap operas and other times as a host-.

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After the sad news, Marcia began to upload images in memory of her daughter and some messages of support that her relatives sent her.

Valentina Boscardin was hospitalized for coronavirus

While I had both doses of the vaccine Pfizer, the model was admitted to a hospital in São Paulo for a picture of coronavirus that worsened.

His health condition worsened last Thursday, January 6. According to what the journalist Felipeh Campos, a family friend, reported, he was experiencing thrombosis and pneumonia.

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