Who will be Messi and Antonella’s new and famous neighbor in Miami

Lionel Messi and Antonela Roccuzzo

Lionel Messi and Antonela Roccuzzo are already thinking about their new life in Miami after the confirmation that the world champion will play with Inter Miami in the MLS, after ending his time at French Paris Saint Germain. The place chosen by the couple is to move to the Porsche Tower, where they have an apartment and several celebrities from music and television reside, who will become the new neighbors of the “Flea” and his family.

The Neighbors That Lionel Messi Will Have

The well-known tower will not only house the Messi, but also has famous neighbors such as Maluma, Anuel AA, and Kevin Tobías. Another of the sports giants who has the apartment there is LeBron James, who would have acquired a flat in the tower after moving from Los Angeles. Likewise, Thalía is also in the tower and could share with Antonela and her children Ciro, Mateo, and Thiago, since she bought the property some time ago due to his multiple work commitments in Miami, although his residence is in New York.

The Other Celebrities That Live Near the Messi Residence

Although they do not live in the same tower, Lionel Messi and his family could cross paths with other figures such as Marc Anthony, Will Smith, or Ricky Martin, who have their houses in the area. In addition, Shakira, who was his neighbor in Barcelona, ​​will also be close by with her children Milan and Sasha after having moved to the American city. The important thing for Lionel Messi and his family is that he has the time necessary to move and not run, like when he had to move to Paris and live for a while in a luxurious hotel.

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