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Who Will Inherit His Vast Fortune?

Toby Keith was a remarkably wealthy man at the time of his death, and new information reveals who will inherit his considerable estate according to his will.

In Touch has gained access to court documents filed by Keith’s wife, Tricia Covel, 15 days after his death on February 5, requesting to be named the administrator of his estate.

Covel asked the court to seal the contents of the will for security reasons. Her request indicates Keith took extensive measures to protect his family due to his success and immense wealth, which became common knowledge after Forbes dubbed him “country music’s $500 million man” in 2013.

These precautions included “having his home address and the deed to his homestead sealed from the public record by court order, using an alias name for himself, his wife, and children, and hiring a personal security company to ensure security for himself and his family members at all times.”

Her filing shows that Keith’s will names her and the couple’s three adult children — Rashelle Lashawn Covel, Krystal LaDawn Sandubrae, and Stelen Keith Covel — as Keith’s heirs. The will was executed on February 15, 2022, just months after Keith disclosed his stomach cancer diagnosis to the public.

“The Consents signed by each heir, along with a list of the LLC Interests, contain confidential information about not only the heirs but also the business interests of Toby at the time of his death,” Covel’s attorneys argue. “If this information were made public, it could increase the threat to the safety and security of the Personal Representative and the heirs.”

A judge has granted Covel’s request to keep the will sealed, and the probate case is ongoing.

Keith earned a fortune from his catalog of hit songs, albums, and touring efforts. However, his financial interests extended far beyond music. His extensive financial holdings included a restaurant chain, Wild Shot Mezcal brand, his own record label, a stake in Big Machine Records, a horse farm, a golf course, a cannabis line, and much more.

Keith passed away on February 5, 2024, at the age of 62.

Source: In Touch, Forbes