“Who will they send?”: Bolsonaro defies the order of the Supreme Justice to investigate him and questions whether they will raid his presidential residence

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Jair Bolsonaro challenged on Thursday the decision of the Supreme Federal Court (STF) of Brazil to open an investigation against him for spreading false news about the current electoral system, while questioning whether they would dare to raid and seize the presidential residence as they do. with “common people”.

“Who will they send? To the Federal Police or the Armed Forces?“, I ask smiling and defiantly addressing a group of supporters located at the entrance of the Alvorada Palace, in Brasilia.

“What a shame!” Exclaimed the far-right leader regarding what consider an “illegal” inclusion in this process opened in 2019 by the Supreme Court, a time in which false news began to circulate on social networks against Brazilian institutions and their authorities.

The minister of the highest court of Justice of the country, Alexandre de Moraes, determined this Wednesday to include the president in a file in which the crimes of “slander” and “incitement to crime” are investigated, due to the questions without evidence that he carried out in the last weeks on electronic voting, with 11 months remaining for the presidential elections.

Previously, the Supreme Electoral Tribunal (TSE) of Brazil had requested the Supreme Court to open a complementary investigation to the one that this body is already processing.

Although he has not presented evidence, Bolsonaro assures that the electronic voting system, used in Brazil since 1996, lends itself to fraud. For that reason, the president proposes that a receipt be printed after each vote in the electronic ballot box, so that the totals can be physically counted.

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The Brazilian leader will seek re-election in next year’s elections, although his main competitor, former president Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, is emerging as a virtual winner, according to polls. By being part of the investigation into fake news, Bolsonaro ultimately runs the risk of being removed from the election.

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