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Whoopi Goldberg from 'The View' Feels Rejected by Joy Behar

Whoopi Goldberg from ‘The View’ Feels Rejected by Joy Behar

Even though *The View* hosts don’t always agree, a certain level of respect is shown among them. However, Whoopi Goldberg finds herself blindsided by a comment from Joy Behar that makes her feel rejected.

Since *The View* isn’t airing new episodes this week, some old issues are resurfacing. The hosts are taking a break while the network airs reruns to keep viewers entertained. Typically, the hosts set aside their disagreements, accepting their differing opinions. Despite this, Whoopi Goldberg gets a shot to the heart when Joy Behar makes an offhanded comment about their relationship.

Whoopi Goldberg - The View

During a past segment, Joy Behar admitted she was “happy” to be fired when she was “let go” from *The View* in 2013. Joy was booted off but later returned to the show. Reflecting on her exit, Joy revealed she wasn’t sad about it. She casually remarked, “I always have a best,” then corrected herself, saying, “I always have friends where I work and if I don’t have friends at the job, I will not keep the job.”

Joy Behar - The View

Joy justified her feelings by stating, “So when I was fired the last time from this show,” which prompted laughter from the audience, and she nodded, “Yes.” She continued, “People say to me, were you ‘okay’ with that?” Joy confidently responded, “I was happy because all my friends had left already.” However, Whoopi Goldberg looked offended.

Joy Behar was "happy" to leave. - The View

Joy reiterated her point, “So there was no reason to stay anymore.” Whoopi objected, “Really?”

Whoopi Goldberg can't believe Joy Behar would say she didn't have any friends. - The View

Whoopi Goldberg feels rejected by Joy Behar’s statement that “all her friends were gone.” Trying to clarify, Whoopi questioned again with a drawn-out, “Really…’All your friends?'” reminding Joy that she was part of *The View* at that time.

Joy Behar forgets to acknowledge Whoopi Goldberg. - The View

The audience and other co-hosts burst into laughter as Whoopi took it personally, pushing her bottom lip into a pout. Joy reacted, “You had just come on!” Additionally, Joy clarified her “backstage friends” had left, not the on-air team. Jokingly, Whoopi continued to act offended, saying, “It’s okay…no I’m cool.” Joy pressed on to emphasize that she always makes friends at work.

Whoopi Goldberg jokingly shakes it off. - The View

What do you think about Whoopi Goldberg calling out Joy Behar for not considering her a “friend”? Are you missing *The View* this week? Drop your comments below.

Source: TVShowsAce