Why a Peacemaker series after The Suicide Squad? Description of the trailer

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News from Peacemaker, the next series of DC and Warner Bros. for HBO Max with the peculiar character of John Cena that we already saw in the new version of The Suicide Squad from James Gunn. So much so, that its director and chief executive officer, Gunn himself, has explained the rationale behind this new production that will hit the small screen next January. What’s more, The Hollywood Reporter has published the trailer description to be broadcast in the next event of the DC FanDome.

Own series for the patriot antihero

Thus, the filmmaker has explained in statements to The Hollywood Reporter why he chose precisely this character, a patriot antihero, to star in the spin-off of The Suicide Squad, also being a kind of continuation of it: “At the end of The Suicide Squad, Bloodsport learns a lot. He’s a better person than he was at first. Many of the characters are much better than they were at first, and Peacemaker has a lot to learn”.

“That learning ability is what makes him more likeable. His blind spots in some places are pretty dire, and in other places he is he who is ignorant. I think that’s an important distinction to make as well. Sometimes it is open at the same time, ”explains Gunn, thus justifying the choice of Peacemaker to star in the first series of that universe on HBO Max.

On the other hand, from The Hollywood Reporter a trailer description that we will see in the next edition of the DC FanDome; Spoiler Alert: “The trailer featured Christopher ‘Peacemaker’ Smith (John Cena) in hospital after the events of The Suicide Squad. He explains to the warden that he is supposed to be in jail for ‘superhero shit’ and says that he is Peacemaker. The warden laughs, insisting that there is no superhero named Peacemaker. “

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“There are also shots of Robert Patrick as Peacemaker’s disapproving father and also some of the on-screen chemistry between Peacemaker and his controllers, including Jennifer Holland’s character in The Suicide Squad, Emilia Harcourt. ‘Just because you’re handsome doesn’t mean you’re not shit,’ Harcourt tells Peacemaker at one point. Your answer? ‘Do you think I’m handsome?’

Peacemaker premieres in HBO Max next month of January 2022.

Source | The Hollywood Reporter


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