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Why Aemond Targaryen Tries To Kill [Spoiler] Explained

Why Aemond Targaryen Tries To Kill [Spoiler] Explained

Ewan Mitchell clarified to EW that Aemond probably wouldn’t go after Aegon unless he could make it look like an accident for strategic reasons. Despite any tensions, Aemond is incredibly smart and would never show blatant ill intentions toward his brother, the king, in public. The actor, along with episode director Alan Taylor, who is a veteran of “Game of Thrones” and works on the spin-off and prequel series, aimed to make viewers question Aemond’s true motivations.

“I think that maybe Aemond would never have intended to burn Aegon, but it just so happened that Aegon was there tangled with Rhaenys and Meleys when he was on top of Sunfyre,” Mitchell said, referring to the dragons Aemond and Vhagar attack in midair. “It raises the question of whether or not he would’ve done that, or if Aegon was just collateral damage. I think that’s compelling.”

Alan Taylor agreed, emphasizing that Aemond’s motivations should remain ambiguous. He noted that Aemond pointedly showed up “late” to the battle, thereby pitting his brother and enemies against each other. “We wanted to sustain multiple motivations that might have happened there,” the director revealed. “It’s a battle move, but he did deliberately join the battle late, and he is being a little bit indiscriminate with how he’s blasting fire. So I think you can believe whatever you want to believe about his motivations there.”

Source: EW