Why Are Casinos Without an Account Becoming so Popular?

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Hardly any gaming trend these last decades have been as persistent as the online casino. Numerous fads have come and gone since the turn of the millennium: Games like Angry Birds or Pokemon Go have only a fraction of the active players today as they did at their peak. For casino games, on the other hand, different rules seem to apply. 

They continue to attract numerous new users and increase their market share year after year. However, there are regular changes in this scene as well. One of the biggest trends at the moment are no account casinos, where users don’t have to register. This article explains what this is all about and the reasons why the no account casino list is so extremely popular among players and casino fans in 2021.

What is a Casino Without an Account?

For years now, creating a user account is a must at almost every online casino out there. It’s true that on many platforms there is the possibility to play free demo versions without registering. However, anyone who wants to play slots or other games with real money must register with their email address and prove their identity. 

The reason for this is, among other things, is the legal regulations for player protection that each country demands from operators and the iGaming industry. However, in a no account casino, this registration is not required – neither to deposit funds nor to enjoy the multiple games. Thus, making it much easier for everyone.

The only thing players must do is enter an email address and make a deposit. At some no account casinos, the credit can even be kept without an account for later sessions. Otherwise, it is automatically paid out to the player at the end of a session. This procedure is much less complicated, but still meets all legal requirements.

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Deposits Without User Account

To verify the identity of users without an ID check, no account casinos use a special payment procedure of the Trustly payment service. This works similarly to other well-known services, in that a transfer is triggered via online banking. This transfer process also serves to confirm the user’s identity, because the two-factor authentication in online banking means that misuse by third parties can be almost completely ruled out. 

Given that almost everyone now has online banking, this method can be used by most customers of online casinos without any problems. However, this is not the only reason why the procedure enjoys great popularity.

Advantages of Casinos Without an Account

From the customer’s point of view, the possibility of playing in casinos without an account is interesting in several respects. First of all, by eliminating the need to confirm identity, the effort required to use a new online casino is significantly reduced. The identity check for the creation of an account can take several hours and in extreme cases even take several days. The fact that casino users often want to try out the offers of different websites, this process is considered to be extremely inconvenient. 

Another reason that speaks for the use of casinos without an account is data protection. After all, if personal information and payment data are deposited with a large number of platforms, this also increases the risk from hacker attacks. 

In the worst case, stolen customer data can be used for identity theft, for example, which is often associated with a lot of stress and annoyance for those affected. At casinos without registration, customer data is only stored in anonymized form and is therefore secure.

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