Why are Cecilia Suárez and Paco León being accused of being racists?

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A friendly reunion between friends and protagonists of The House of Flowers It became a whole debate that they have come out to clarify.

Social networks have become a very delicate terrain where jokes between friends, nicknames or expressions of affection can lead to discussions about racism, discrimination and practices with which those involved do not agree, but which can be misinterpreted.

This happened recently when Cecilia Suárez and Paco León had a very special reunion for the premiere of the film of The House of Flowers.

In a video shared by the actress, the Spanish actor decided to call her as a joke between them and with affection wild indian. The response from various users and organizations was swift. Both were singled out as racists for these types of conversations.

Exaggerations? Both Cecilia Suárez and Paco León came out to clarify what happened.

The details, in the video above.

“… Being able to speak or discuss from respect, this or any other issue, is crucial to elevate and transform it. From that place all conversation is welcome …”, said the Mexican actress on her Instagram account.

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