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Why are more and more twins born in the world

The amount of pregnancies twins which has been noticeably increased for some time. Unlike a few years ago, many women choose to be mothers after 38. This is the average age when you feel you have lived long enough and even enjoyed your life as much as possible. It is there when, in some cases, they decide that the time has come to leave a descendant in this world.

Now, the growing number of twin births caught the attention of the scientific community to the point that they decided to go deep and try to understand why these statistics do not stop growing. They have even pointed out that never in the history of humanity have so many twins been born in the world. They were the specialists of the Oxford University those who carried out this study that later published in the journal Human Reproduction.

The investigation concluded that it is the in vitro fertilization one of the main causes of this phenomenon. More and more women are turning to this method to be able to conceive when they cannot. Some because they tried for years in a traditional way and did not succeed, others because they decided to be single mothers and did not find the ideal partner to have a child. But there are also those who did not want to be and changed their minds when they were great.

It is in these cases when this type of fertilization becomes the most viable option due to the fact that at an older age the chances of remaining pregnant. The truth is that there are options, and that everyone can choose when, where, how and with whom to make this wish. What we cannot avoid is having more than one child at a time if we choose this path.

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