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Why Are Wookiee Jedi So Rare?

George Lucas may have hesitated to fully embrace the idea of Wookiee Jedi, but it’s clear the concept is inherently fascinating. One such Wookiee Jedi, Gungi, has become particularly well-known and beloved among fans. His survival of Order 66 and subsequent appearance in an episode of “The Bad Batch” only added to his popularity. Another Wookiee Jedi, Kelnacca, has also captured the interest of fans thanks to a brief appearance in “The Acolyte” trailer. This sparks the notion that more Wookiee Jedi would be a welcome addition to the “Star Wars” universe. And if the franchise is on the lookout, it could tap into numerous Wookiee Jedi from the now non-canonical “Star Wars Legends” for re-canonization.

A prime example is Kirlocca, a skilled Jedi Master featured in several “Star Wars” role-playing games, including “Broken Orbits: Tilnes Rising” and “An Official Engagement.” Chewbacca even had a nephew named Lowbacca, who joined the Jedi Order. Then there’s Kitmum, a kinder Wookiee Jedi introduced in the “Jedi Academy” children’s book series. Kitmum was known for teaching younglings basic physical activities, such as how to play dodgeball. These Wookiees and others were integral to the “Star Wars Legends,” but their existence no longer directly influences the main “Star Wars” narrative.

Despite this, there’s nothing stopping creative minds from integrating these older Wookiee Jedi or inventing new ones into future “Star Wars” projects. The upcoming Rey Skywalker (Daisy Ridley) solo movie, set after the events of the sequel trilogy, could be the perfect opportunity for such an inclusion. As Rey works to rebuild the Jedi Order, she could very well recruit a Wookiee Jedi to join her and her new cohort. Perhaps Kitmum herself survived Order 66 and could return to teach Rey’s new recruits some essential skills, like dodgeball, in her own unique Wookiee way.

Source: Looper