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Why Caitlin Clark’s Boyfriend Connor Faces Backlash from Fans

Connor McCaffery recently joined Caitlin Clark and her Indiana Fever teammates in a charity pickleball match, according to Bleacher Report. Along with Clark, Erica Wheeler, and Lexie Hull, McCaffery brought his athletic prowess to the pickleball court for a good cause. However, social media had a different focus, pinpointing McCaffery’s lack of coordination more than the charitable endeavor itself. When videos of the match surfaced online, Clark’s fans were less interested in her showing off her versatile athletic skills and more eager to criticize her boyfriend’s performance.

“Connor isn’t taking this seriously, Caitlin needs someone out there with more competitive spirit. Caitlin and Temi when her hand is better would be awesome!” tweeted one fan. Another echoed this sentiment, saying, “Connor could have slammed that ball… he chose not to… is there some pickleball rule against slamming the ball???” A third fan resorted to mild name-calling, tweeting, “Bf is lame there. Come on, man.” Meanwhile, another user took a jab at McCaffery’s basketball skills, writing, “Can Connor play pickleball because he can’t play basketball.”

Interestingly, one user noted what they thought was an unfair advantage, “Connor’s height makes it unfair sides… nice to see her just having fun!”

Tough crowd!

Source: Bleacher Report