Why Console Gaming Is Inevitable Losing to Mobile Playing

The gaming industry has grown rapidly in the last decade and is unlikely to lose popularity in the coming years. However, if some five years ago, the game on consoles and PC prevailed, in 2022, users pay special attention to mobile applications. And this is not surprising since, in today’s dynamic world, it is much more convenient to keep a gaming station in your pocket and enjoy your favorite pastime anytime, anywhere.

Another factor for the growing demand for mobile games implies that console or PC gamers are forced to buy expensive equipment, including innovative Xbox or PlayStation, gaming laptops, headphones, specialized keyboards, etc. In the case of mobile playing, these expenses can be avoided since almost everybody owes a smartphone to launch an exciting game.

Mobile games remain the most attractive entertainment area for most users, providing maximum benefits for software developers. The smartphone industry experienced an insane boom during the pandemic, and the trend continues to evolve. Users search for accessible options to have fun, and most mobile games can be installed from App Store or Google Play in a few clicks. Moreover, many are free and don’t make players invest any cash, making them even more common. 

Games of poor quality with terrible graphics are something of the past. Modern developers release many products with incredible features that can be used even from the smallest screens. By the way, this also applies to online casino, where adrenaline lovers can also choose which device they want to play with. And we are confident that the development of technology will only help companies develop more and more innovative games and delight users

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Game Statistics and Player Preferences

Despite the apparent rapid growth of mobile gaming, the statistics will surprise you: according to the data, the industry has declined by 4.3% compared to the previous year. Experts connect such figures to the cancellation of lockdowns since people are now free to leave home and spend more time outside. On the other hand, mobile gaming still beats the popularity of consoles worldwide, and this trend is prone to continue. In any case, experts’ forecast implies that it will remain the largest industry sector. 

These statistics are also beneficial for software-providing companies, as mobile application development requires less effort and investment than console products. It is worth noting that many users do not pay too much attention to the quality of the picture since they consider games just a pleasant pastime. On the other hand, releasing a console gaming solution is time-consuming, so we don’t often witness amazing novelties. 

Of course, it cannot be said that the popularity of games for consoles and PCs will come to zero, as millions of passionate gamers are still closely following the industry’s development and waiting for new products from manufacturers. However, it’s quite evident that companies are focusing on developing mobile games that are accessible to everyone.

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