Why Dacia Arcaráz lost the role of Federica in “La familia P. Luche”

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Although it has been close to a decade since the last episode of “The P. Luche family”, The Mexican comedy is unforgettable for all the laughter it stole from millions of people throughout its 80 episodes.

How to forget that dysfunctional family that lives in the Peluche City made up of Federica, a superficial woman who is in charge of the control of the house; her husband Ludovico, somewhat clumsy and credulous; Ludoviquito, the youngest son who always takes advantage of others; Junior, her adopted son who believes he is 12 years old after being run over by the matriarch while doing his police duties; Bibi, the eldest daughter; and Excelsa, a lazy maid from Argentina.

Although they all stole the affection of the audience, it is impossible to imagine that another actor would have been in the place of any of the characters; However, there was an actress who was going to be instead of Consuelo Duval, who gave life to Federica. We refer to Dacia Arcaráz, who couldn’t keep the role for a reason. Next, we will tell you which one.

It was Eugenio Derbez himself, creator and protagonist of the Mexican series, who announced during his program “DesHecho en Casa” that Arcaráz was the first option to give life to his wife in fiction.

In dialogue with Regina Blandón, Bibi in “La Familia P. Luche”, told how the actor lost that role. “For the scene sketch Dacia Arcaráz comes and in that they tell me that he cannot arrive, that he had a setback”, he narrated.

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Because he did not know what to do about his delay, someone indicated that there was someone else. “They tell me: ‘I already spoke to Consuelo Duval’, what do you think? I: ‘Well, if that’s the only thing there is, no way'”.

After doing the scene with her, Derbez was convinced that the role was completely his. “It turns out that we did the sketch and it worked very well, and when we were going to do the series was when we did the casting of the whole family”.

He added that when Dacia Arcaráz arrived, they avoided telling Consuelo that said actress was the one they really wanted from the beginning, but it was too much, since she had shown that she fit the profile.

It was in that way that Dacia was left without the character of Federica, for not having arrived on time to do the scene.

Eugenio Derbez chatted with Regina Blandón Through video call and they talked about various topics regarding the creation of the program and also touched on the issue of Consuelo Duval’s participation.

The famous one assured that the actress was not contemplated for the program. They wanted Dacia Arcaráz for the role.

He explained that the arrival of Consuelo Duval to the series was only by accident. “I’m going to tell you an anecdote that I’ve never told and right now that you told me about the casting,” I remembered. Do you know that Consuelo Duval was an accident? I’ve never told him, now that he sees it, he’s going to kill me “Derbez revealed.

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