Why Daniel Radcliffe resented being mistaken for Elijah Wood

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Daniel Radcliffe Y Elijah Wood they have so much in common that it is impossible not to confuse them. Both rose to fame as young actors, starred in fantastic movie sagas, and garnered millions of fans around the world. But nevertheless, to the Harry Potter star he does not like the comparison so much and even confessed that it bothered him. Why?

As if that weren’t enough, the artists have undeniable physical similarities: they are both white, skinny, and with light eyes. Because of the resemblance, Radcliffe was consulted and in addition to revealing a funny anecdote, recognized that he was not always so happy with comparison. Even when I was a kid.

Daniel Radcliffe y Elijah Wood (Getty)

Why Daniel Radcliffe resented being mistaken for Elijah Wood

“It doesn’t offend me, but they confused me with him when he was in his 20s while I was 13”he said with a laugh during an interview with the BBC. There is a considerable age difference between the two: Wood is currently 40 years old, while the Harry Potter interpreter turns 32 this Friday.

It wasn’t the last time the actors spoke of their resemblance. Esquire put them together in a note earlier in the year and they shared hilarious anecdotes about it. “Although we are both short, pale, with blue eyes and brown hair, I would say that we do not look much alike. But the idea of ​​us is exactly the same … When people tell me something about The Lord of the Rings! I’m literally just saying: no, the other one “, expressed Daniel.

In addition, Radcliffe recalled a funny experience he had on a red carpet in Japan: a fan wanted him to give him an autograph on a photo of Elijah and the actor, since there was no way to explain the misunderstanding by the language, signed the photo by putting “I am not Elijah Wood. Love Daniel Radcliffe'”.


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