Why DiCaprio quit working on Guillermo del Toro’s latest movie

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Shortly before filming began, Leonardo Dicaprio quit working on the last movie of Guillermo del Toro. Is about The alley of lost souls, which, although it will not be seen in Latin America until next year (at the end of January), will debut this weekend on the big screen in the North American market. After the actor’s departure from Titanic, his place was taken by Bradley Cooper.

The one in charge of explaining the reasons behind the resignation of DiCaprio it was his own del Toro. The director told why the interpreter took a step to the side and Cooper became the chosen one to give life to Stanton Carlisle. It was during an interview with The Wrap, where he referred to the details when making this psychological thriller that is presented as a remake of the 1947 feature film by Edmund Goulding.

“I was interested because we have a common interest in fairs, but very early in the process we understood that there was going to be a conflict with the dates”the director explained. “I needed enough time to assemble a cast the way I had envisioned it. We had written the part of Lilith for Cate Blanchett, I wrote the one of Clem for Willem Dafoe, the of Bruno for Ron Pearlman, and so on. We couldn’t rush to shoot fast because we needed to coordinate all the schedules on this movie. “, he assured.

Although he did not say what was the film that complicated the agenda of DiCaprio, it is believed that it could have been Killers of the flower moon, the new film by Martin Scorsese. Guillermo del Toro was in charge of underlining that the farewell was “On good terms”. So, he went in search of Cooper, who he defined as someone “With a vintage face, who looks like a guy from the 30s or 40s”. The director pointed out Limitless Y A star is born like the movies that convinced him to call Bradley Cooper.

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What is The Alley of Lost Souls about

Framed within the genre of psychological thriller, where there are titles such as Shutter Island The Enemy, The alley of lost souls will tell the story of a fair organizer who has a particular talent for manipulating the people he works with. Joining a psychiatrist will put everything at risk, including himself. In Rotten Tomatoes, the original film has an 88% approval rating.

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