Frat Boy Harry: Harry Styles’s Fans Say He’s Aging Reversed

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There are many bizarre types of fandom out there. Some fans will spend days camped out in front of a venue to be the first to see their favourite musician or star. To show their admiration for a specific artist, some people may get tattoos of the musician who “saved” them or spend hundreds of dollars on goods. My favourite kind of devotion is the attention paid to a single person’s “career path,” as with “frat boy Harry Styles” at this moment.

Why did Harry Styles’s fans call him ‘frat boy Harry’?

When Harry Styles was recently seen sporting a snapback and mask in the public eye, the Internet went into overdrive with awe-inspiring hyperbole. With the hashtag #FratBoyHarry, the 26-year-old singer-songwriter, a worldwide fan base, became a Twitter hot topic.

#FratBoyHarry is referred to as a slur because others believe the Grammy-winning musician is ageing backwards. That hashtag has been used before to refer to former One Direction member Harry Styles. The hashtag was also popular in 2013.

“Does this imply we are one step closer to Prince Harry?” a fan wrote. “He looks like frat boy, harry.” ‘Grandpa Harry to Frat Boy Harry, but 26years old version,’ one fan said with a photo collage of Harry Styles sporting a mustache and another without one. Styles’ sense of style has evolved throughout time, but his hair has remained a constant. Throughout his career, the musician has been photographed with several hairstyles. Fans adored his blunt haircut in November 2019 and his Devacurl cut in March 2019 when he released his first solo album.

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 They also adored him when he took a chance and grew his hair out in November 2015. Styles’ thick, bouncy locks have wowed female admirers for decades, and it doesn’t appear as that adoration will ever wane. Thanks to sites like TikTok and Instagram, where we can observe a lot of individuals being affected by the dress sense similar to that of BTS and Harry Styles, soft masculinity has recently become trendy.

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Many males don’t hesitate to paint their nails, color hair, pierce their ears, or wear women’s make-up. Fans are also rallying behind the singer, urging him to win the Best International Artist award at the 2020 ARIA Awards, where he has been nominated. Eight nods were given to artists Lime Cordiale (twice) and Tame Impala (twice).

Harry Styles’ Different Tattoos and Their Meaning 

Harry has constantly been adding to his ever-growing collection of tattoos and inkings, including song lyrics to tongue-in-cheek artwork, since One Direction became a household name in 2010.

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Although keeping up with Harry Styles’ tattoo obsession might be challenging, we’ve compiled a list of the singer’s most well-known designs and their meanings below.

The Naked Mermaid

In November of last year, Harry had a half-naked mermaid tattooed on his left forearm as one of his most recent designs. In an interview with The Today Show, Harry said, “because I am a mermaid” when asked why he had the tattoo. Hazza, that’s fine!

The Mooring

Tattoo enthusiasts, particularly sailors, are familiar with Harry’s anchor inking on his left wrist; it’s a pervasive pattern. His previous tattoo, “I can’t change,” was covered up with the new design, and we think it’s better than the original!

The Bones

Harry’s left tricep has a tattoo of a skeleton guy in a suit and fedora hat, one of his more unusual designs. What does it all mean? Let us know if we’ve got the wrong answer.

The Old-School Handshake

Harry’s handshake tattoo is a powerful sign of equality, making us appreciate him. Harry, keep up the excellent work!

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The Butterfly

His most prominent tattoo, a butterfly with its wings fluttering wide, covers Harry’s sexy tiny stomach (which is a shame). Butterflies are often associated with metamorphosis and change. Therefore Harry may have used this to illustrate his transition from a youthful boy band star to a man!

The Holy Scriptures

This inking on Harry’s left forearm references his religious upbringing, even if he isn’t openly religious. His earlier lettering of “things I can’t” is similarly covered up by the inking.

The Ship

The classic naval ship on the One Direction star’s left bicep is one of his most elaborate creations. Even while many people believed that this was a tribute to Taylor Swift, Harry claims it’s all about reminding him of the journey home when he’s away from home on his travels around the world.

The Dark Of The Soul

His left bicep was tattooed with an enormous motif in December 2012. We believe it’s merely a play on the phrase “wearing your heart on your sleeve” and not a tribute to his family back home.

Fern Leaves

The fern leaf tattoos on Mr. Styles’ left and right hips, which call attention to the boy band star’s genital region, are his most sensual ink. The fern is seldom seen, but Tim Walker’s stunning album cover shows it in all its splendor.

What do you think of Harry Styles going back to his “Frat Boy” days? Do you like the new appearance he has adopted? How excited are you to see him in a brand-new look?

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