why did they kill Estelle, Joey’s representative

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Friends It was a sitcom in which moments of sadness were crossed by ties. The breakups of couples like that of Ross and Rachel, and the famous debate of whether or not they were at one time, or the separation of Monica and Richard (that luckily Chandler made forget), were some of the most remembered. Death was not very present in this fiction created by David Crane and Marta Kauffman, except for the death of Mr. Heckles.

Until it was the turn of Estelle, the representative of Joey who smoked and rarely did his job well. Interpreted by June Gable It ran for ten episodes and won the hearts of fans with its short appearances. So when she passed away in the 15th episode of the tenth season, off-camera and without even having a cameo from the actress, it was a shock to viewers.

In an interview, Gable He explained how the producers made the decision to end the life of his character. The actress learned that they would kill Estelle through a phone call from Crane, who asked him to sit down before telling him. “I was very distressed. David Crane He called me and said, ‘Are you sitting down? I have bad news?’. I asked him what was wrong and he replied: ‘Estelle died’. For a minute i didn’t know who i was Estelle, until I understood what the character was “, he pointed.

When asked for the reasons for this decision, June He explained what it was that led the writers to kill his character. “They did that because they wanted the character of Joey to have a spin-off, in fact his name was Joey. They didn’t want … For me it was a mistake, it had nothing to do with David O Jeffrey KlarikThey were other producers. They wanted to do Joey but there was no connection with the old series, with Friends “, revealed the artist.

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His dual role in Friends

As fans of Friends they taste very good, Gable it was not only Estelle in ten episodes of the show. The actress was also part of the beginnings of the production where she had to play a nurse who helped in the delivery of Carol Willick. This was a detail that became evident over the years and the constant rewatchs of the spectators.

“They knew, they remembered that I’d been in that fourth episode, or fifth, I don’t remember. She was a nurse, a character who looked a lot like me in real life. I didn’t have to do anything extreme. I wore glasses and I tied my hair ”, he counted Gable. The actress had a very good relationship Crane and Klarik, with whom she maintained that friendship over time and was the one that led her to be summoned again to be Estelle.

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