Why didn’t Fox want Will Smith on Independence Day?

Why didn't Fox want Will Smith on Independence Day?

This week marks 25 years since the premiere of Independence Day, the mega production that revolutionized the cinema with its VFX effects and the story of a deadly alien invasion. The movie starred Will Smith y Jeff Goldblum with the address of Roland Emmerich and books of Dean Devlin. The truth is that the producer of the film did not agree at first with the hiring of Smith.

The screenwriter explained: “The only character we had in mind from day one was Jeff Goldblum.” Smith’s option for Captain Steven Hiller came later. “Ethan Hawke was on our list too, but I thought he was too young“confessed director Emmerich.

Fox didn’t want Will Smith on Independence Day

The prospect of hiring Smith did not appeal to the studio.: “We don’t like Will Smith. He’s not tested. He doesn’t work in international markets.” they said from Fox. The actor was known for his role in The Prince of rap, but he was far from the figure he is today. Unfortunately, the reasons for the producer went the other way …

“If they choose a black man for this role, they will kill the foreign box office”, were the words of the executives. The screenwriter Dean Devlin he remembered how hard the process had been. “Roland really stood up for Will and we finally won that war.”.

The movie turned out to be one of the biggest hits in movie history and catapulted Will Smith like a Hollywood star figure. The wrong vision and the prejudice of the executives of Fox were buried thanks to the efforts of Emmerich y Devlin.

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