Why do fans think Katy Perry got married?

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The love story of Katy Perry Y Orlando Bloom It is one of the fan favorites. They met at an event, he approached him, made a joke and since then they have been inseparable to the point of planning a future together that fans believe they are already making possible after the arrival of their first baby, Daisy Dove. Why do you think they got married?

The plans began long before the pandemic, but with the pregnancy and the restrictions, the couple knew they had to postpone everything. They did so, they took time to rethink their priorities and recognized that they are in one of their best moments without rushing to go to the altar.

However, one of the latest posts from Katy Perry In social networks he activated the alarms of the followers who now shed clues about a possible marriage. When the diva congratulated her partner on Father’s Day she allowed a video to be seen from the hospital room before she gave birth and some noticed what appears to be an alliance on Orlando Bloom’s finger.

At the moment there is no confirmation that ensures the marriage of the pop diva with the British star and the last that has been known of them is that they enjoyed a vacation in Venice. In their social networks they were in charge of documenting some of the best moments including gondola rides or walks.

According to British press reports, the 35-year-old singer and her husband stayed at the Aman hotel where the price per night for rooms is $ 6,000. The Aman is located in one of Venice’s eight monumental palaces on the Grand Canal: the 16th-century Palazzo Papadopoli.


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