Why do live casinos continue to dominate the market

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The technological revolution has changed the way we do everything, from children’s homework to international banking and it has completely changed the face of the entertainment industry. Instead of being limited to pre-recorded videos and computer games with a limited number of outcomes, the internet allows for on-demand activity and the opportunity to interact remotely with various different media.

Computer games have always stayed close to the cutting edge of technological advances, adopting and adapting any innovations to give players more variety and better playing experiences. Casino games have always been a part of that, not least because the relatively simple gameplay and ease of programming odds made them prime candidates for translating into digital forms in the very early days of computer gaming.

Innovative games designers have always looked for ways to bring players’ favourite games into the digital age, and the proliferation of the internet made it possible to bring together players from all over the world to compete against one another. The flexibility and convenience of these international games soon saw games being designed specifically for the online market, with features that made them even more playable.

The history of live dealer games

In the late 1990s, games designers had already seen the potential of live dealer games, with online casinos pushing the boundaries of what was possible right from the early days. The first online casinos were launched in the mid-90s and it was only three years later that early attempts were made to try and introduce the idea of players being able to access live games from the comfort of their own homes.

However, the technology was not yet advanced enough to actually deliver a playable game. Even though the idea was there, the speed of internet connections and the computers players were using simply couldn’t take the amount of data required to make the game fast enough to be enjoyable. 

It may seem primitive now, but when players were all using dial-up connections, an incoming call could cut off the internet, so even the best hand could fall foul of the phone ringing. However, fans were not put off the idea of playing online, so virtual casinos maintained their popularity until the technology was able to bring the early ideas of live gaming to life. 

The popularity of live dealer games

Not only did casino sites take off in a big way, increasing in number rapidly once the industry had been established, but they also began the trend for Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Games, known as MMORPGs, as they allowed players from all over the world to play together. As the internet evolved and gaming technology improved, this kind of gaming grew into a multi-billion dollar international industry that encouraged technological innovation in its own right.

Live dealer casinos became a viable option, and many existing gaming companies introduce live games alongside their existing offerings to allow players to get the best of both worlds. By 2006, real dealers could be live-streamed across the globe, allowing players to get an even more authentic casino experience from their own homes. 

The development and uptake of smartphones made the live casino experience even more accessible as players could take their fun with them wherever they happened to be. New technology has encouraged casino sites to broaden their offerings and make the games they host even more exciting.

Modern gamers are used to high-quality graphics, fast response times and engaging gameplay and all of these are being incorporated into even the most traditional of games. Players’ high expectations include everything from playability and variety to security and availability of payment methods, and the most popular sites manage to provide all this and more.

What online players love about live casino games

Current estimates suggest that there may be as many as 120 million people playing casino games online, creating a market worth an estimated 92.9 million USD by 2023. As an industry that has seen massive growth in recent years, the success of online gaming reflects the satisfaction that players get from the games on offer.

This is partly due to constant innovation: as the industry grows, investment in the best designers and developers has reaped rewards and now online casinos are market leaders when it comes to integrating new technology into their games. Online casinos are also subject to rigorous scrutiny and many countries have licensing schemes that mark holders out as upholding the highest of standards with plenty of oversight and scrutiny of their activity. 

Online security has always been a top priority for gamers who are not only trusting websites with their bank details but also relying on them to make their games fair and to payout when they win. Live dealer casinos bring a face-to-face element to this aspect of online gaming, which many find reassuring, not to mention the gameplay with a live dealer is much more consistent with the casino experience that many players value.

For those who enjoy online gaming, live dealer casinos have added an element to traditional games that make playing even more enjoyable. By recreating the experience that is on offer in a bricks-and-mortar casino as closely as possible, players can enjoy an authentic casino experience whenever they want and from wherever they may be. 

Smartphone technology also allows friends to play together from the same location, but players can also join together online for a ‘night out’ without any of them having to leave their homes. 

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