Why does Facebook want to change its name? These are their main reasons

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If we say ‘Facebook’, what do you think of before? On the most famous social network in the world? Or in the eponymous company that runs it? Precisely for this reason, in which the most obvious answer is the first, the Internet giant plans something as radical as a business name change.

Facebook will no longer be called that

According to the site ‘The Verge’, Facebook would be looking to unlink the name of the company from that of its main social network with a change that it would announce next week, and that it would follow the goal of focusing on the development of the metaverse. But let’s start at the beginning … What is this about the Metaverse, which sounds like Marvel?

The metaverse of Facebook

Facebook already has more than 10,000 employees building consumer hardware, such as augmented reality glasses, which Zuckerberg believes will eventually become as ubiquitous as smartphones. In July, he declared that, in the coming years, “We will go from people seeing us primarily as a social media company to being a metaverse company.”

Aside from Zuckerberg’s comments, Facebook has been laying the groundwork for a greater focus on the next generation of technology. Last summer he created a team dedicated to the metaverse; most recently he announced that AR and VR chief Andrew Bosworth will be promoted to chief technology officer. And a couple of days ago Facebook announced its plans to hire 10,000 more employees to work on the metaverse in Europe.

But what exactly does it consist of?

Term originally coined by science fiction novelist Neal Stephenson to describe a virtual world to which people escape from a dystopian real world, the metaverse in the words of the creator of Facebook it’s going to be a huge focus of attention, and I think it’s going to be an important part of the next chapter in the evolution of the Internet. after the mobile internet. And I think it’s also going to be the next big chapter for our company. “

Name change, the social network one more service

The upcoming name change, of which CEO Mark Zuckerberg plans to speak at the Connect company’s annual conference on October 28, But that could be revealed earlier, it aims to signal the ambition of the tech giant to be known for something more than social networks and all the evils that they entail. The rebrand would lead to lThe Facebook social network that made it famous has become yet another of the company’s services, such as Instagram, WhatsApp, Oculus and others.

According to an inside source, “The new name of the Facebook company andIt is a very well kept secret within its walls and it is not widely known, not even among his high positions. A possible name could have something to do with Horizon, the name of the virtual reality version of Facebook-meets-Roblox that the company has been developing for the past few years.

The name of that application has recently been changed to Horizon Worlds, shortly after Facebook released a version for collaboration in the workplace called Horizon Workrooms. “

Following in the wake of others

Facebook isn’t the first well-known tech company to change its company name as its ambitions expand. A couple of previous examples of this would be:

  • In 2015, Google was completely reorganized under a holding company called Alphabet, in part to point out that it was no longer just a search engine, but a sprawling conglomerate with companies making driverless cars and healthcare technology.
  • Snapchat was renamed Snap Inc. in 2016, the same year it started calling itself a “camera company” and debuted its first pair of Spectacles camera glasses.


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