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Why Doesn’t Osha Kill Qimir?

Star Wars: The Acolyte Episode 6 is out and has sparked numerous theories and questions on social media about its ending. One question that stands out in viewers’ minds is why Osha did not kill Qimir, despite having the chance during their climactic confrontation.

Osha faces Qimir in Episode 6, demanding answers about why he killed her friends. Qimir questions whether her lord hesitated in sending her, implying Jecki would not have approached due to the Jedi Code. Osha asserts she is not as easily manipulated as her sister and tries to leave when Qimir provokes her by asking her to kill him with his lightsaber.

Although tempted, she refrains, stating that a Jedi does not attack the unarmed. Despite Qimir’s provocations, Osha wields the lightsaber but ultimately lets him go. She then follows him as he leaves, indicating her struggle between adhering to Jedi principles and confronting her emotional turmoil.

As for whether Osha will become the villain, it seems likely. Qimir attempts to manipulate her against the Jedi, telling her she shouldn’t call herself one due to her emotional anger and pain. He suggests that losing everything makes one free, a notion he believes applies to Osha’s situation. By exploiting her emotional state, Qimir tries to sway her to the dark side, believing she could be a powerful ally in his quest for vengeance against the Jedi.

If Qimir succeeds in manipulating Osha, she could potentially become a Sith Lord. Qimir’s goal is to destroy the Jedi’s dreams rather than their lives, and he sees Osha as instrumental in this plan. He believes an Acolyte can harm the Jedi by attacking their ideals and aspirations.

The episode ends with Osha donning Qimir’s helmet, her breath resembling Darth Vader. This visual suggests that she might fulfill Qimir’s desire to have his own Acolyte capable of challenging the Jedi. However, there is a possibility that Osha could still thwart his plans. The helmet she wears might serve as a protective measure, giving her a chance to decide her path while resisting Qimir’s manipulations.

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Source: Star Wars: The Acolyte