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Why Fans Are Upset with Matthew Stafford’s Wife Kelly

Kelly Stafford has often been a polarizing figure among NFL fans, with some not being too fond of her outspoken nature. Recently, she has drawn criticism not just from fans but also from notable sports personalities. Stephen A. Smith, a well-known commentator, voiced his disapproval of Kelly for openly discussing personal aspects of her relationship with her husband, Matthew Stafford.

On his podcast, Smith questioned Kelly’s judgment in sharing such sensitive information publicly. “How is it that y’all know that men have egos and males are ego-dominant?” Smith remarked. “But you forget that when it comes to your own man. What could possibly make you … if you are Mrs. Stafford, what could possibly make you think that it is OK for you to go home after revealing to the public, ‘I kicked it with his backup?'” Smith clarified that his intention was not to demean Kelly, but he found her reasons for revealing such potentially damaging information perplexing.

Kelly’s comments have struck a chord with another sports figure as well. Channing Crowder, a former NFL player, shared his frustration about Kelly’s revelation on an episode of the “Pivot” podcast. Crowder didn’t hold back his disdain, pointing out that her words could be damaging to her husband’s image. “It just makes Matt look bad. Don’t say things that make your spouse look bad,” he asserted. Reflecting on his own past mistakes, Crowder added that Kelly’s act of “giving the cakes up to a backup to make [him] jealous” was far more egregious. “So, you done knocked it down and your buddy done knocked it down, and you done came back around and jumped in the car. Man, that was unacceptable for me,” he said.

Kelly Stafford’s outspoken personality continues to stir reactions, both positive and negative, in the sports community. Whether or not her choices are understood or agreed upon, what remains clear is that her candidness about her personal life often sparks controversy.

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