Why Feeling Sad and Tired Makes Me Want to Disappear Sometimes

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Alejandro Sanz Shares Candid Message with Fans

Recently, Alejandro Sanz shared a heartfelt message with his fans on his public profile. The 54-year-old singer opened up about his struggles, admitting that he is “not having a good time.” Sanz went on to say that he is sad and tired, and sometimes he doesn’t even want to be present.

Despite his struggles, Sanz explained that he is working to remedy the situation, finding solace in his music. He expressed hope that he will be able to perform on stage soon, where “something inside me will tell me what to do.”

Alejandro Sanz’s Tour Success

Sanz has been wowing audiences with his tour of Latin America, filling stadiums in Argentina, Peru, Ecuador, Chile, Colombia, and Uruguay. He will begin his live tour in Pamplona on June 3, followed by a string of 15 concerts throughout the summer in Spain. In September, he will make his way to the United States for more shows.

Alejandro Sanz’s Support System

While Sanz admits to feeling down, he has the support of his loved ones to help him through it. His partner, Rachel Valdés, has been an important source of support for more than three years. Recently, Valdés opened her first solo show in Madrid, which Sanz couldn’t attend due to being on tour in Argentina. However, he still gave her a romantic dedication.

Sanz’s family is also an important source of support. He has four children: Manuela, Alexander, Dylan, and Alma. Despite his struggles, Sanz has been sure to spend quality time with them, including a recent fun card game and lots of love before moving into 2023.

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Sanz Inspires Candid Conversations About Mental Health

Sanz’s candid message about his mental health struggles is inspiring important conversations about the subject. Many celebrities and fans have taken to social media to thank Sanz for his openness and to offer words of encouragement.

Sanz’s message shows that even successful public figures like himself can struggle with mental health issues, and that it’s important to be honest about these struggles and seek support.

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