Why has WhatsApp Web disappeared and how to activate it on Android and iOS?

¿Por qué ha desaparecido WhatsApp Web y cómo activarlo en Android e iOS?

WhatsApp Web it is an account extension on your mobile phone. In this way, the messages you send and receive on your PC and your smartphone are synchronized and you can see them on both devices.

It is not exactly installing a program like Telegram does -something that can also be done by installing the WhatsApp Desktop client-, but rather it is about open the WhatsApp interface in a web browser on your PC, but that allows you to have access to the same account on two different devices, and to be able to send and receive messages and (almost) everything that WhatsApp allows.

Where is WhatsApp Web?

Until now, to synchronize your mobile account with your PC and project the WhatsApp interface in a desktop browser, you only had to go to the WhatsApp mobile application settings and find the WhatsApp Web function, using a QR code for the link with the PC. But we have found that this is no longer possible, because the WhatsApp Web feature has disappeared from where it was. Cast?

Now instead we find another function, ‘Linked devices’, who has come to replace it. And the operation is the same: If you already used WhatsApp Web and you had the session open in your web browser, when you enter it it will tell you that the session remains open -in addition to the type of browser you use and the last time you logged in- , so just open WhatsApp Web to use it.

If you didn’t have it, just hit the new link device function -maybe it will ask you to identify yourself according to the standard or biometric security system you use-, and the camera viewfinder will appear. Open this link on the PC or laptop you want to connect to, scan the qr code that will appear on your computer and that’s it.

WhatsApp Multi-device

A change undoubtedly originated by the new WhatsApp Multi-device function that is already available in the Beta version, this allows up to four devices to be linked to the same WhatsApp account without the need for an active Internet connection on the main device -or be, You don’t have to have your mobile on to use your WhatsApp on another device-but yes at the time of linking the devices, since in this way the chats and account data can be transferred to the other computers. Conversations are still encrypted end-to-end.

All messages will continue to have end-to-end encryption, which is a breakthrough since you can use your account on 4 devices simultaneously registered with the same phone number and capable of receiving messages each on their own.


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