“Why I Refuse to Share my Version: Unveiling the Unexplored Reasons”

When it seemed that the sun had returned to his life and the clouds had given way to the rainbow, a storm seems to have broken out again in the life of Risto Mejide.

Just a few days after boasting that his relationship with Natalia Almarcha was going from strength to strength and that even the pharmacist already knew his daughter Roma, born from his relationship with Laura Escanes, posting an image of both hugging on his Instagram profile, the ‘Got Talent’ judge has taken a step back and has confirmed the end of their courtship through a clear message published on their social networks.

Risto Mejide with his girlfriend, Natalia Almarcha

Risto Mejide and his girlfriend, Natalia Almarcha, walk their love at the Book Fair before the expectation of the public.

Natalia Almarcha speaks for the first time about her love with Risto Mejide during his last trip

Not given to talking about his private life, much less about his sentimental relationships, Risto decided to put an end to the rumors unleashed in the last few hours and he did so by saying: “There will always be at least two versions of any sentimental break. The truth, if it existed, would be the imperfect sum of the two.

I will never publicly give my version of the end of my relationship. Neither of this nor of any. And not because I lack desire, or reasons many times. But because that would be going against a person who has been important in my life. A woman whom I have loved, with whom I have lived and whom I have welcomed into my life.

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One that has been with my children. A woman I have called love. For this reason, after the breakup, do not expect me to fall prey to any accusation, insinuation, slander, insult or simply reasonable doubt. That person will always deserve my respect and therefore my most sincere support. If she decides to tell you half of our story about her, that’s up to her.

But I, for her and for my children, for something they can read and see is a future, I will keep silent. If I am brave to love, I am also brave to shut up. And no, he who is silent does not grant.”

Natalia Almarcha with Roma, daughter of Risto Mejide

The information about a crisis between the couple arose after the presenter deleted all the images he had with his girl, that if not There were many, there were some, including the last one in which the presenter boasted of his girlfriend’s good relationship with his daughter along with the word “amoR” thus playing with the letter “R” in Rome.

In addition, the publicist had stopped following her on her Instagram profile and had even stopped following her pet’s profile, something that was especially strange.

Risto Mejide with his girlfriend, Natalia Almarcha

Natalia, for her part, who has a private profile, had also stopped following her to Risto and had even published an enigmatic message after their breakup, as revealed by the tiktoker Abel Planelles, who apparently is part of the group of “virtual friends” of the pharmaceutical company: “Sadly we live in a world where there is a significant excessive hypocrisy.

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A world in which the values ​​of respect and fidelity have been completely lost. A world where it is very interesting to sell a life in rss, which, the more it disagrees with reality, the better. A narcissistic world. A world in which we seek our own good without caring about the victims we leave along the way. A world to which, thank God, I do not belong” wrote Natalia.

Risto Mejide with his girlfriend, Natalia Almarcha

Undoubtedly, an unexpected script in the love story of this couple, who began their courtship last March when the presenter of Everything is a lie was photographed in an affectionate attitude with a girl during a getaway to Cuenca.

Days later her identity was discovered and just a couple of weeks later, Risto spoke about her on the Focus program, by Cuatro. “I’m with a person I’m meeting, it’s a relationship that just ended start, a stage, I’m not going to deny, on the contrary, I’m in a very happy moment precisely because of that,” said the publicist.

“I have found a person who pursues the same goal as me, who likes music a lot, he likes to read a lot… we have many common goals and we’ll see. As long as it lasts,” said Risto at the end of March. However, three months after those statements, both have decided to go their separate ways, erasing any trace of what was once their love.

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