Why is Adam Sandler is dead trending on the internet?

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A piece of information alarmed fans of Adam Sandler: the death of the actor. It turned out to be a bad joke that went viral on social networks. Details!

Adam Sandler
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Adam Sandler is an endearing Hollywood actor who brought laughter to audiences around the world in movies like Happy Gilmore, They’re Like Kids, Cool Dad Y The best of my weddings. The interpreter has an important base of followers who love and support him in each new project he joins. Perhaps that is why he was the target of a very heavy joke that went viral and altered the mood of many people.

Through networks like Twitter Y Tik Tok the information that Adam Sandler had died. Different hypotheses pointed to the comedian’s death by drowning or suffering a fatal accident. The truth is that Adam is in perfect health and this was a horrible joke of “black mood”.

A practical joke that got out of hand

Unfortunately, many people echoed this false news and without checking its accuracy they began to mourn the loss of the actor when in fact Adam Sandler still alive. Later, these same fans reacted to the authors of the joke that, ultimately, did not cause any humor and is the product of truly intelligent minds. “sick”.

“Adam Sandler is dead is a dumb hoax”says a user of Twitter. “I find the death hoaxes unfunny. Adam Sandler is not dead, stop spreading fake news.”another person said. “The person responsible for this joke is wicked and sick”, qualified another follower of the actor on the network. These are a few cases, but the reaction to the joke seems to be unanimous: Rejection!

Adam Sandler finished filming Hustle for Netflix in October 2021, where he plays a basketball scout who discovers a star of that sport in Spain. The actor joined the basketball player’s production company NBA, LeBron James, to work on that project. Sandler, on the other hand, currently maintains a very low profile that only helped fuel rumors of his death.

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