Why is Google removing Gmail accounts by end of year?

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Google Will Delete Inactive Accounts

As an Internet user, having an email account is a basic necessity. It is essential to interact with various services on the Internet. However, due to certain limitations, having more than one email account is not uncommon. Google, one of the most significant tech giants, understands that inactive accounts are no longer essential and thus will delete them.

Gmail is one of Google’s core services that offer email and additional storage services. But even though it’s a handy tool, you may forget about it for a long time. Google has updated its usage policy to take action against accounts that have not been logged in for 24 months.

If Google Account has not been used or logged in for at least two years, Google will delete the account along with all its content. The contents of the account would include Gmail messages, calendar events, Drive, Docs, other Workspace files, and Google Photos backups.

Why Google Deletes Inactive Accounts?

Naturally, you may wonder why Google is deleting inactive accounts. The answer is simple- to allocate unused space. Google provides its servers to you. However, if the space remains occupied without use for an extended period, it can be allocated to someone who needs it. Hence, it makes sense for Google to delete if you don’t use your account for two years.

It is crucial to note that Google sends a warning email before deleting the account. If you do not use the account or associated services after receiving a warning, then the account and all content will be deleted. The good news is, if you have an account associated with YouTube, it will not be deleted.

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It is best to keep your email accounts active by logging into them now and then. Google has given its users enough warning, so there’s no reason to lose your account and all of its content.

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