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Why is International Chef’s Day celebrated?

Today is International Chef’s Day, a special day to honor all those people who dedicate themselves to cooking and create the most exquisite dishes in the world. Today we tell you why the International Chef’s Day and some of the curiosities that surround this special celebration.

The word “chef” comes from French and its meaning is “chef”, although he does much more than direct the kitchen, he must also train his assistants to learn how to make better dishes.

The origin of the International Chef’s Day

This commemorative date it was established by the World Culinary Association to honor all the people dedicated to creating the most original and exquisite dishes in the world, from those who are unknown and run a small restaurant to the most famous and are known to all. This special day is for all those people who dedicate themselves to “feeding us” to those of us who visit their premises.

Even if you are not a chef you can celebrate this day in style, for example going to a cooking class, preparing your favorite dish, buying a cookbook or going to eat at your favorite restaurant or one that you feel like and have never decided to try.

Passion for cooking

Millions of people around the world are carried away by their passion for cooking to create dishes with your personal touchBoth those who are professionally dedicated to it and anyone else who likes to cook at home. This passion makes cooking shows a hit on television, all over the world, and there is even a television channel dedicated entirely to this: Canal Cocina.

Without a doubt today, International Chef’s Day, is a good time to start watching a television program dedicated to cooking, if you are not already watching it. Here are some of the most famous cooking shows in the world:

  • Master Chef: It is a success in many countries, including Spain. The adult version, the children’s version, the version for the elderly and the Celebrity version are broadcast here, which is currently on air. A contest in which each week a participant is eliminated based on the results in different cooking tests.
  • Cake Boss: specialized in pastry, it is led by Buddy, a fondant sculptor and one of the best Italian chefs.
  • Cupcake Wars: It is a very fun program in which the participants basically compete with their spectacular cupcake designs.
  • Chopped (Trinchado): is a program in which well-known chefs compete against each other in all kinds of challenges and culinary tests to surprise the expert juries and take the victory.

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