Why is it forbidden to go see ‘Minions: Rise of Gru’ dressed in a suit?

TikTok trends, those videos that go viral on the platform, have often ended up becoming a danger for users who dare to recreate them and a real annoyance for those around them. The premiere of the movie ‘Minions: Rise of Gru’, the latest installment of the ‘Despicable Me’ franchise, has inspired one of these fashions that has been baptized as ‘Gentleminions’ and which basically consists of groups of teenagers flocking to theaters dressed in a suit and tie, to imitate the formality of the attire worn by the young protagonist.

Although at first it seems like a harmless occurrence, the problem is that these young people tend to cheer and applaud certain parts of the film, disturbing the rest of the spectators. A branch of the Vue cinema chain located in Worcester, England, had to refund all the tickets for one of the sessions because the ‘Gentleminions’ did not stop screaming and imitating Gru’s yellow minions during the projection. The manager of the establishment calculates that in total they had to return something more than 1,500 dollars.

In view of what happened in other theaters, the Odeon chain has hung posters in several of its cinemas in the United States and the United Kingdom warning that access will be prohibited to anyone who appears dressed in a suit due to the “altercations” that have occurred Recently.

However, from the Universal Studios Twitter account they have made it clear that they are delighted with this trend and with the free publicity it is giving to the animation event. “To all of you who are going to see ‘Minions’ dressed in suits: we know who you are and we love you.”

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