Why is Loki Marvel’s most loved LGBT character?

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Loki y Sylvie They are “variants” escaping from a doomed world and returning to VAT; during a talk on the planet Laments-1, the brother of Thor he admitted his bisexuality and even dared to suggest hers. Both are “gender fluid”This means that they can have the shape of a man or a woman. Loki seems to feel comfortable as the God of Deception. His alternate version assumed a female identity. What makes this popular character Marvel’s most loved LGBT? Find out in Disney+.

The Asgardian, son of the ice giant Laufey and adopted by Odin, reached high levels of popularity since its debut in the first installment of Thor. The charisma and the presence of Tom Hiddleston They sure helped the villain gain followers despite being deceptive, evil and ambitious.

Loki is Marvel’s most loved LGBT character

The truth is there were all kinds of reactions to Loki’s coming out of the closet. A secret that many suspected. “A little bit of each thing”, he says God of Deception when asked about love, before using a metaphor in which he mentions a knife and the possibility of getting hurt by something that is a lie. Deep.

The character is much loved by fans of the Marvel Cinematic Universe who celebrated their condition in the same way as the director of the series Disney+. Kate Herron stated how important this reference was to her and said that the “small step” it made her very happy.

Other bisexual Marvel characters? The member of the X-Men, Psylocke; the villain of Spider-man, Electro; another X-Men, Destiny; Miss America; and perhaps the only one who could discuss her popularity with Loki: Mystique, which was played by Jennifer Lawrence in the franchise of the X men. However, in that version she was in love with Magneto and there was no reference to his sexual condition.

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