Why is Malcom in the Middle no longer on Amazon Prime Video?

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One of the first releases of the 2000s was Malcom in the Middle, the series of comedy that for seven seasons it was critically acclaimed. So much so that to this day it remains more relevant than ever and its fans continue to enjoy the episodes in Amazon Prime Video. But this August 15, users of the streaming platform will have to say goodbye: it will no longer be part of the catalog for a particular reason.

The original production of the series was in charge of Fox Television Studios (Amazon Prime Video).

It is not a whim of the company or a random decision. In fact, Malcom in the Middle was one of the most chosen proposals during the coronavirus quarantine, thus placing the series starring Frankie Muniz among the platform successes. But the truth is that the production that took place more than two decades ago was in charge of Fox Television Studios.

How does this influence the platform? The strip, which was made in association with Satin City and Regency Television, will be part of the list of Star Plus, the site that will be launched on the 31st of this month. In this way, then, the history of the dysfunctional family is added to the content focused on the adult audience that Disney+ You cannot offer it in your application due to age restrictions. The same happens with a few series and movies, such as, The Simpsons, Futurama Y Lost.

Why watch Malcom in the Middle?

Despite having more than 100 episodes and being extensive for many, the series was able to mark the path of the productions that followed. Malcom in the Middle It stars a gifted young man who faces school life while dealing with complicated family situations.

Winner of a Peabody, seven awards Emmy, a Grammy and up to seven times nominated for Golden Globe, It is one of the inevitable to schedule if yours are comedy shows from which memes that are as hilarious as they are iconic come out.


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