Why is one of the Boyfriend Dungeons voice actors being harassed? The problem repeats itself

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The voice actor who plays the Boyfriend Dungeon villain has asked players to stop harassing him for playing the villain, since some people seem to forget that their character is fictional and that he is not like his character in real life. Unfortunately, this is an increasingly widespread and truly worrisome problem.

To sum up, the villain is manipulative and stalking. The video game warns that this type of content exists, but does not mention that it is necessary to interact with the character to complete the video game. That is, all players must know this disgusting character.

Kotaku has spoken with Eric’s voice actor, Alexander Gross, about the harassment you are receiving: “There was a message I got, and I actually quoted it, that said, ‘It reflects badly on you for portraying a character who does this kind of thing.’“, dijo Gross a Kotaku. “It was part of a longer paragraph message or something like that, and that confused me because you know, I’m thinking I took the job because this is what I like to do. I do not approve of what the character does“.

Since the game’s launch, Gross has received many hateful messages on social media, to the point of having to ask (on August 16) to stop messaging him and to please be respectful. In fact, Gross said he agrees with the general dislike of the character. Eric is a villain, after all.

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I read the script and I was like, ‘Wow, this guy sucks.’ EIt sucks. So I made it a combination of all the f ** kboy I know. It is just awful. So I tried to interpret it that way. And that was it“.

Gross no es Eric: He’s the voice actor who voices Eric, so if someone doesn’t like that character, that doesn’t justify harassing Gross in real life under any circumstances.

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