Why is the WhatsApp camera zoomed in and how to fix it?

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Like most networks and services today, WhatsApp started with a single function: Send written messages. But its success made it grow, and with its popularity came new needs for users and also opportunities for the app to diversify. And along with the text messages came photos, images, files, video calls, etc., making WhatsApp have its own interface for using the mobile camera.

Zoom into the WhatsApp camera

But something is happening with the latest version of the application, since several users are complaining that when opening the camera within WhatsApp, it is seen with a zoom. If this does not happen to you, great, but if yes, until Facebook -owner of WhatsApp- fixes the problem, we give you some tricks so that you can try to do it for you.

Use the mobile camera interface

First of all, the quickest solution – and also from ‘Captain Obvious’ -, is use not the camera interface within WhatsApp, but that of your own mobile. In this way, the shot will not be enlarged or stretched, but you can choose the 4: 3 format. Then, you go to the WhatApp chat where you want to send the photo, press the camera icon, and the most recent photos / images will appear on the reel that appears below.

Update WhatsApp

It may be a problem that you get because you are using an older version of the application. Try opening the Google Play store if you are on Android or the App Store if you are on iOS, and look for a newer version of the app to update. Changes are always applied to all of them.

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Clear WhatsApp cache

You can also try this trick, to see if the bug disappears like this:

1- Open your mobile settings -look for the gear icon

2- Look for the section ‘Apps / Applications’

3- Go to the end of the list until the one of WhatsApp, And enter

4- Search ‘Storage’

5- Look for the option ‘Clear / Clear Cache ‘, and give

6- Close WhatsApp and open it again. OR restart the mobile to make sure the cleaning takes effect.

Uninstall the app

Another option is uninstall WhatsApp from the mobile and reinstall it downloading it from the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store. Since it copies all your chats every 24 hours, nothing will happen to them. You can restore them if something goes wrong. Or, before uninstalling it, make a backup manually to make sure.

We use WhatsApp Beta

In the event that you are in the WhatsApp Beta, it is best to exit the program to receive a more standard version of the app.


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