Why it is vital to have good eyelash and eyebrow hygiene before applying makeup

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When we talk about personal care, more than one only imagines having healthy skin or enviable hair, but very few pay attention to the correct condition of their eyelashes and eyebrows. In times when extensions, false, microblading and other treatments in this area of ​​the face are at their peak, it is good to stop and think if you are giving proper hygiene to the area of ​​the eyes before makeup daily.

With the intention of improving the health of eyelashes and eyebrows, many turn to various products to change their appearance, make them grow in volume, length or make them look more crowded.

The eyelashes have a cycle and gradual change where they grow and reach a great result. The most important for take care of your natural eyelashes is cleaning your face daily and not forgetting your eyes. You should use a product that does not cause stinging or irritation such as special cleansers and makeup removers. It is best to use micellar water to remove the presence of mascara, eyebrow pencil or some other cosmetic product.

A good recommendation is to avoid waterproof makeup, as it damages natural lashes. Also, never pull the eyelashes when removing make-up or cleaning, or do it by rubbing too much. You can easily weaken or pluck the hairs.

“It is important to have good eyelash and eyebrow hygiene on a daily basis. When they exfoliate the face once a week, it can also be used to do it on the eyebrows. Most people don’t do a good eyebrow and lash cleaning. Even if you do not put on makeup one day, it is good to use micellar water or cleaning gel for the eyes because this will eliminate the remains of pollution or mask from previous days. Cleanliness is the key just like the skin “, said Mafe Ampuero, Founder of Caribe Azul.

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She also recommended the use of products that help to beautify and grow, in a healthy way, these two areas that mark the look.

“The concept of making up the eye area has been totally transformed, since you not only put on makeup but also benefit your eyebrows with ingredients that beautify them, such as using the fixing and nourishing gel HI DEF BROW GEL. Combine it with the multifunctional, waterproof and long-lasting pencil HI DEF BROW PENCIL that will allow you to give it the desired definition. To restore lashes quickly and they become long, strong and healthier than ever there is RevitaLash Advanced Nourishing Serum. And to take care of the whole look, use the AquaBlur in the morning and at night, applying gently along the orbital bone, including the contour under the eyes, the eyelashes and the eyebrows “added Ampuero.

The Caribe Azul beauty platform brought to Peru the RevitaLash Cosmetics brand – treatment line, specialized in the beautification of eyelashes, eyebrows and hair, created by Dr. Michael Brinkenhoff.

The particularity of this line is that, in addition to not mistreating the skin and hair on which the formulas are applied, they notably improve the health, strength and appearance of the eyelashes, eyebrows and the skin thanks to components such as biotin, vitamins from group B, peptides, panthenol, oat beta-glucans, botanical extracts, among others. The quality of the products obeys their ingredients, with scientifically proven benefits and the exclusion of toxic substances such as parabens and phthalates. Also, the formulas are cruelty free and vegan.

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