“Why Jared Leto and Doja Cat Dressing as Cats at the Ceremony Will Melt Your Heart”

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Jared Leto and Doja Cat’s Unique MET Gala Looks

Actor Jared Leto made waves once again at the 2023 edition of the MET Gala, a prestigious charity event that supports the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York. Dubbed as “the Oscar of Fashion,” the MET Gala sees celebrities and designers take center stage as they showcase their exceptional fashion sense.

This year’s event honored the life and work of the late German designer, Karl Lagerfeld, who passed away in 2019. As such, most of the outfits on display paid homage to Lagerfeld’s fashion sensibilities, from delicate glittery dresses to silver and black ensembles.

Leto’s Kitten Costume

One of Lagerfeld’s signature trademarks was his pet Choupette. The designer adopted the adorable kitten in 2011 and showered her with so much love that she eventually became a millionaire inheriting a fortune of $13 million after his death.

Jared Leto paid tribute to Lagerfeld’s beloved pet by donning an intricate and exquisite kitten costume at this year’s MET Gala. The elaborate outfit was complete with fur, whiskers, and even a tail, leaving everyone in awe and admiration.

Doja Cat’s Unique Look

Singer Doja Cat also took inspiration from Lagerfeld’s Choupette for her MET Gala gown. She even commented on Leto’s ensemble, jokingly asking if he had stolen her idea.

Doja Cat’s outfit was a nod to the kitty-loving Lagerfeld, featuring a short black dress with a white, feathery train reminiscent of Choupette’s fur. She completed the look with a headpiece resembling cat ears and stunning silver boots.

Although Leto and Doja Cat were not the only ones to center their outfits around Lagerfeld’s beloved pet, they undoubtedly left a lasting impression with their unique ensembles.

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