Why Johnny Depp’s lawyers celebrated when Amber Heard mentioned Kate Moss

Amber Heard

Johnny Depp’s lawyers celebrated with gestures of satisfaction in the room that Amber Heard mentioned during her statement an alleged episode of violence by the actor towards one of his ex-partners in the nineties, the model Kate Moss. There is a rumor that Depp pushed the supermodel down the stairs, an alleged event from the past that, according to the gestures of the actor’s lawyers, could give the actor and the model the opportunity to deny that story.

Lawyers cannot introduce misconduct that is not strictly related to the case, but, since Heard is the one who mentioned the incident, this opens the door for Moss to be called as a witness to address said accusation from Heard to Depp. Previously, the model’s participation as a witness had been ruled out because of its little relevance in the case.

Heard said he punched Depp in the face for fear he would push his sister Whitney down a ladder.

This possible mistake by the Aquaman actress, who could play against her in the trial since it is known that Moss and Depp are currently friends, came when she told the jury about a fight between her ex-husband and her in March 2015 in which she hit him in the face for fear that he would push her sister Whitney down a ladder.

Heard said he “instantly” thought of “Kate Moss and the stairs,” prompting Depp’s lawyer to turn to celebrate with his colleagues and raise his fist to applause.

Heard previously alleged that the Pirates of the Caribbean actor had pushed Moss down a flight of stairs during Depp’s other defamation trial against Heard in the UK in 2020, which was far less scandalous and mediatic when held behind closed doors.

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Heard’s testimony at this trial has been heartbreaking. The hardest moment of the trial has been lived when Amber Heard has assured through tears that in 2015, during the filming of Pirates of the Caribbean in Australia, Depp first came to threaten to cut her neck with a bottle and then penetrated her with the aforementioned object. 

In 2009, Heard was charged with domestic violence against his then-girlfriend, Tasya van Ree, who after a first complaint said the incident was a “misunderstanding” and that the charges against Heard were quickly dropped.

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