Why Keanu Reeves Has Received The Same Salary Since The ’90s

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Thanks to Point Break and Maximum speed, Keanu Reeves became an icon of action. After these productions, great opportunities came but, without a doubt, the most important of all was the one that linked him for life to Matrix. Thanks to his role as Neo became a front-line celebrity and action hero with all the letters who today has fun with the hand of the great saga of Chad Stahelski, John Wick.

Despite being one of the highest paid actors around Hollywood, Keanu Reeves He became particularly known in the environment for the low wages he receives. It is said that between the 90s and the last few years it did not receive large increases. This, of course, did not prevent him from being a millionaire and it all has to do with a great idea that he applied in each of his contracts.

As many actors usually do, Keanu Reeves signs clauses that allow him to keep part of the proceeds from his films at the box office. According to Variety, thanks to Matrix raised more than 200 million dollars thanks to the tickets that the movies cut. A similar deal occurred with the fourth film coming at the end of the year: it was reported that Keanu signed a contract for between $ 12 and 14 million, which is almost similar to the 10 he received for making the first film in the 1990s.

Along with George Carlin and Alex Winter on Bill and Ted. He got $ 95,000 for that movie. (IMDb)

Keanu Reeves’ generosity

For more than the wages of Keanu Reeves be in the millions and that their profits multiply even more, to Keanu he doesn’t care so much about money. According to reports at the time, when he made The devil’s lawyer agreed to a reduction in his salary so that the film could hire Al Pacino. It is also known that he refused to be part of Maximum Speed ​​2, even though they offered him 12 million dollars and, according to Wall Street Journal, distributed part of his earnings by Matrix among the film’s wardrobe and special effects workers who, in their judgment, had not been properly compensated.

jeremy fry keanu reeves john wick

Jeremy Fry with Keanu Reeves during the filming of John Wick 2. (Jeremy Fry)

The protagonist of John Wick remains out of the maelstrom in which the figures of Hollywood What The Rock, to mention one of the most emblematic cases. That is why their gestures of generosity are not so widely known. On John Wick 2For example, it is known that the actor rented a racetrack, equipment and motorcycles, and invited his friends and some of the workers from the film set to enjoy a day at full speed. Who told this was Jeremy Fry, one of the stuntmen in the movie Chad Stahelski, unable to believe that he had been part of that adventure.

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