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Why Kit Harrington’s role in Modern Love changes her career forever

For those actors who have played iconic and unforgettable characters, it is difficult to detach from those roles and show the audience that they can go beyond that. But Kit Harrington He quickly got down to business and is already advancing his artistic career to leave his acclaimed Jon Snow in Game of Thrones, HBO’s hit series. He recently just premiered the second season of Modern Love in Amazon Prime Video and the 34-year-old British actor did not miss the opportunity to be a part.

Two years have passed since the television adaptation of the novels of George R. R. Martin It ended. But the series of medieval fantasy It marked the history of the industry and to this day it continues to accumulate fans around the world. It is not for less: from 2011 until 2019 it managed to keep all viewers waiting for a new episode. And as in every event, the characters became all the rage.

This is how Kit Harrington, with his Jon Snow, won the affection of the public. But not everything was rosy in that process. In conversation with The Telegraph years ago, the actor came to recognize: “This is a type of role that I am not going to play anymore. He is not a male model that the world needs to see. ” Everything seems to have exploded after the end of Game of Thrones: After eight years, after filming was finished, Harrington started treatment at a stress clinic where did your Alcohol addiction.

Since 2011, Kit Harrington played Jon Snow on Game of Thrones (IMDb).

Little by little, his life began to stabilize and again his career is heading towards new projects. After being dad with Rose Leslie, the actress who played Ygritte in the same series, Kit Harrington put aside the disputes for the throne to face a character in Modern Love, the Amazon Prime Video production that brings to the screen the love stories published in the eponymous column of The New York Times.

Modern Love

Kit Harrington and Lucy Boynton star in the third episode of Modern Love (Amazon Prime Video).

Much calmer in his personal life and facing a renewed and somewhat smaller project, the actor served as the protagonist of the third episode. Accompanied by Lucy Boynton, tells this story of two strangers who meet on a train and spend a perfect six hours together. But as its official synopsis points out, “sometimes a romantic plan is not enough.”

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