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Why Logan Isn’t Available On Disney + And Which Streaming Service Will It Be On

Why Logan Isn't Available On Disney + And Which Streaming Service Will It Be On

Since X-Men hit the big screen in 2000, fans of Marvel they suffered to be able to see a movie that equaled the level of the first installments. Except X-Men: First Class, practically none of the more than ten productions lived up to what the first showed, or Deadpool, if it is taken into account as part of the saga. But if there was one that won everyone’s approval, that was Logan. Today almost all are available in Disney+.

In 2017, Hugh Jackman put an end to his journey as Wolverine in one of the best mutant movies. Next to Patrick Stewart, responsible for giving life to the profesor Charles Xavier they also became the actors who played the same superhero for the longest time. There were 16 years and 228 days that were recorded between Guinness records.

Today it seems difficult to see again Hugh Jackman What Wolverine, who said goodbye after what was done in Logan. However, a few days ago the 52-year-old Australian actor shared a post in which he excited those who want to see him again with the claws of one of the most beloved mutants. Meanwhile, they must conform to what was seen in the tape directed by James Mangold.

Dafne Keen, as X-23, accompanied Hugh Jackman on Logan. (IMDb)

Logan is not part of the catalog of Disney+, which since its appearance on the market was presented as an offer with family content. Being for people over 18 years old, the movie of James Mangold He did not qualify to enter the list, because of the explicit violence that was seen in his footage. In order to see it, fans of Marvel must wait for the appearance of Star+.

When will Star + arrive in Latin America?

The great news for all who are eager to see again Logan is that the platform Star+ it is days away from reaching the region. Service streaming will be presented as one more alternative in the market, with a catalog of products that will range from classics such as The X-Files to new productions like Santa Evita, as well as the possibility of seeing, for the first time online and officially, the 32 seasons of The Simpson. In addition, they will broadcast live sports that will go from basketball to football, without neglecting la UFC.

All adult content will arrive on the platform at the end of the month. (Star +)

In Latin America, Star+ It will only be available on August 31, but it has already begun its commercialization. In this context, Disney offered the possibility of contracting the service on a monthly or annual basis, as well as access to discounts for those who have contracted Disney+ or feel like putting together a combo between the two platforms.

If you still subscribed to Disney+, you still have time to do so to be able to enjoy the exclusive contents of the platform. You can do it by entering here.

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