Why Meagan Good and DeVon Franklin’s Divorce is Painful for us too

Meagan and Devon met while filming Jumping the Broom in 2011. They fell in love so fast and were married by June 2012. They met on the set of a Rom-Com and lived their real-life romance for a good 9 years before they called it quits. DeVon filed for divorce in August of 2021, citing ‘irreconcilable differences. We would have loved for them to stay together in the world of smoke and mirrors that is Hollywood; their love was real, and we rooted for them.

Their divorce is seemingly amicable and we love how graceful they are towards each other, not once speaking negatively about the other party. Even the post they both shared from their respective Instagram accounts announcing their divorce was written from a place of love and we applaud that. Messy divorces are always awful. 

So why are they getting divorced?

A lot of it is speculation, but it has been said that they were not spending enough time together because of their hectic schedules. Now, why are we in pain about their divorce? Let’s explore that a little bit below.

When they got married, their peers, families, friends and fans were happy and their love was and still is, palpable. We loved them both for being so rooted in their faith and attributing their happiness and union to their Maker. They even shared their journey with the world in a book they co-authored. They respected and loved each other, allowing their faith to lead them. We believed, as they did too, this would help them stay together, but alas. What is keeping us upbeat is that even though they are going through this difficult period, they are still letting love lead. They are allowing themselves to feel and be vulnerable, all the while being graceful and kind towards each other. 

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While situations differ, a lot of couples can learn some valuable lessons from Meagan and DeVon as they go through this difficult chapter; the biggest one being that even though things have not worked out between you, it does not mean you have to be enemies when they end, you did love each other at some point. Also, being kind to each other and yourselves can go a long way in your healing should it happen that you too get divorced. 

Even though they are no longer together, Meagan and DeVon are beautiful people and their mutual respect and love for each other not only makes them admirable but also very genuine and truly likable for how they are handling all this. We wish them both healing and a future filled with even more love and happiness.

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