Why Megan Fox ‘Needed to Know’ If Machine Gun Kelly’s Mom Breastfed Her

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When Megan Fox met Machine Gun Kelly in 2020, while they were shooting the movie ‘Midnight in the Switchgrass’ together, it was clear to her that she had found her soulmate and that their paths had already crossed in several previous lives. However, at that time she was still married to her ex Brian Austin Green, with whom she also has three children – Noah, nine years old, Bodhi, eight, and Journey, five -, so initially they only established a very close friendship. special.

For the actress Megan Fox to be completely sure of taking her relationship with the rapper to another level after their separation, she needed to know some personal details about her now fiancé beforehand, such as if her mother had breastfed her as a child, to decide whether or not they would be compatible.

“I just asked him: ‘Did your mother breastfeed you?’ The actress explained to E! News.

For the ‘Transformers’ actress, there is no middle ground when it comes to being with someone: “If you know me and I know you, it’s impossible that I don’t know almost everything about you!” It is obvious that all MGK’s answers were satisfactory because they are currently preparing their wedding, although they have not yet married, and the musician – who is the father of a teenager – has already made it clear that they want to have more children together.

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