Why Netflix Can’t Block Shared Accounts: The Advantages of Dynamic IP

Netflix No Longer Allows Account Sharing in Some Countries

Netflix has recently updated its policy on account sharing, disallowing it in some countries. Although the platform has not yet applied any severe measures, it may do so at any time. However, the issue may still affect users who have not manually indicated their location on the platform.

Problems with Dynamic IPs

Netflix relies on user IP addresses to determine their residence and estimate what content should be available to them. This remains a problem for users with dynamic IPs, which vary and may place the user in a different city than their actual location.

Manual Location Setting Required

If Netflix cannot accurately determine a user’s location, it may prevent them from accessing content or request verification codes. Users who have Netflix through fiber rate operators need not worry since Netflix can locate them through their bill. However, for users with dynamic IPs, it is essential to manually indicate their location on the platform.

Netflix’s Headache

The inability to accurately locate users is also a headache for Netflix. While they attempt to prevent account sharing, they end up blocking users who are paying for their subscription and have met all requirements. Netflix will have to find other ways to tackle this problem, but until then, users must correctly indicate their location on Netflix.

How to Change Your Netflix Location

To change your location on Netflix, follow these simple steps:

  • Turn on your television and access Netflix.
  • Go to Get Help.
  • Inside the left column, select Manage Primary Location.
  • Choose your verification method.
  • Click on the link you receive to confirm your primary location.
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