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Why Nick Viall Turned Down a Reality Show About His Family

Why Nick Viall Turned Down a Reality Show About His Family

Nick Viall has become a familiar face on various reality shows over the years. Audiences first encountered him as a contestant on Andi Dorfman’s season of The Bachelorette. Despite his efforts, he finished as the runner-up and returned for Season 11 to pursue Kaitlyn Bristowe, where he faced similar results, coming in second place once again.

He didn’t give up on finding love on reality TV and subsequently appeared on Bachelor in Paradise. Eventually, he gained the title role on The Bachelor for Season 21, where he proposed to Vanessa Grimaldi. However, their engagement ended less than a year later.

The former Dancing With The Stars contestant found love off-screen a few years later with Natalie Joy. The couple welcomed their first child together in February and married in April.

Nick has been approached by networks to star in a reality show featuring his family. However, during a recent interview with Entertainment Tonight, he revealed that he turned down the opportunity to have his wife, Natalie, and their four-month-old daughter, River, on a family-centered reality show.

Nick explained, "I think to be a reality TV star, especially your Vanderpump Rules cast and your Housewives who are recurring people, you really have to open up and you have to talk about personal stuff. That’s not easy to do." He added that fans can be intrusive, saying, "I’m just way too protective of my family."

Nick’s protective nature extends particularly to his marriage with Natalie Joy. Hosting a podcast with various reality TV stars as guests, Nick is well aware of the toll reality TV can take on relationships. He mentioned that many marriages have suffered due to the drama that reality TV often emphasizes, including that of Real Housewives star Kyle Richards.

“I’m not aware of many relationships on reality TV that have survived reality TV. You can’t have good reality TV without the drama, so I’m not interested in trying to introduce unnecessary drama into my relationship.”

Recently, Nick and Natalie’s marriage has faced public scrutiny due to allegations of infidelity.

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Source: Entertainment Tonight