Why Older People Believe Their Advice Could Easily Go Viral

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One in Four Seniors Believe Their Life Advice Can Go Viral

According to a recent survey, 25% of seniors believe that their life advice has the potential to go viral on social media. In addition, 41% of the surveyed Americans aged 65 and above also feel that their ideas deserve to be written down in a book. Even those who use social media, especially the 26% who have tried dating apps, believe that it’s never too late in life to find true love.

What Makes Seniors Happy?

When asked about what makes them feel happy, older adults highlighted family (71%), friends (49%), and having a good time (26%) as their top choices. Additionally, the survey revealed that the average age at which respondents experienced the most joy in their lives was fifty-seven.

Reconnecting with Youth

Despite their age, older Americans are open to reconnecting with their youth through various activities. 45% of respondents exercise in order to stay youthful, while 44% listen to old music. In terms of fashion, 66% are willing to adopt trends from the past, with 27% specifically mentioning flared pants. Interestingly, 21% would prefer to wear clothes from the 1970s, which 26% consider to be the best decade for entertainment. Furthermore, many seniors still enjoy listening to their favorite rock artists, including the Beatles (47%), the Beach Boys (45%), and the Rolling Stones (38%).

Staying Up-to-Date

Older respondents also keep up with current trends by watching popular TV shows or series (69%), trying new activities (27%), listening to new music (26%), and following food trends (26%). Sherri Snelling, a corporate gerontologist, author, and spokesperson for Comfort Keepers says, “A lot can change as we get older, but finding joy in familiar and new activities in life is something wonderful. We can all learn from older generations by reflecting on what already brings us happiness and being open to trying something new.”

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