Why Outstaffing Can Work Better For An IT Company?

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Outstaffing is a rarely understood term. People often confuse it with outsourcing. Outsourcing means hiring an external staff, who has no direct connection with the client. The outsourced team completes the job and is paid accordingly. Outstaffing is a whole different concept. It means that you ‘lease’ a team of experts, who are already working for a company. This team helps you in a particular task and is directly managed by the client. The outsourcing vs outstaffing debate is long and technical. Here we are going to discuss how outstaffing can work better for an IT company.  

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1. Provides A Team Of Experts

As the definition says, outstaffing is hiring people who already work for a firm. This makes sure that you are gathering a team of experts who know their jobs well. A firm will hire its staff through a strict recruitment process. These people are experts in their area and can provide better services for your company. In outsourcing, a company may hire an amateur who does not have the level of expertise that a person working in an office has. The knowledge bank that is formed by outstaffing helps complete a task more efficiently and effectively. Outstaffing ensures quality services.

2. Cost-Effective

Outstaffing can greatly reduce your expenditure. The money you have to spend on in-house recruits in terms of taxes, their medical bills, paid leaves, etc can be saved. Secondly, when outstaffing, you do not need to provide a physical area for the staffers. This is one of the biggest advantages. Thirdly, since outstaffing can be done in foreign countries, some countries have low labor costs. Therefore, you will have to pay less than what you will have to pay in-house staff. 

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3. Time-Efficient 

When your in-house employees are having a hard time keeping up with the deadlines, outstaffing can be very helpful. Outstaffing ensures that the project is completed on time. The product that your company created is launched into the market much faster. Secondly, if you are facing a shortage of IT staff, new recruitment may take time. Outstaffing is a quick solution to the problem. Outstaffing will provide you with an expert team ready to do the job at hand. You do not need to provide hardware or fulfill the project requirements, the outstaffing team will do it for you. Thus saving you time and energy.

4. Quick Fix Of Errors

Since the team you have outreached is an expert in their niche, there is a high chance that they will do the job without any errors. If a developer makes a mistake, or there is an error in the programming, the outstaffing helps to identify the error at once. They also take necessary steps to resolve the issue before the product is launched into the market. Outstaffing teams are constantly updating their knowledge, therefore, they will bring innovation into the project and provide clients with the product using the best tools available in the market.

5. Freedom From Local Employment Laws

One of the biggest challenges for a company while hiring is the following strict local laws. The country in which your company is located may have strict employment laws and regulations. As a business, you need to follow these laws. They include rules like paid leaves, maternity leaves, medical insurance, office timings, etc. When you consider outstaffing, the majority of these expenses can be eliminated because they become the responsibility of the outstaffing providers. Secondly, countries where outstaffing provider is located, may not have such strict rules. 

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