Why Paul Stanley Should Use an Oxygen Mask in La Casa de los Famosos

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After weeks of anticipation, TelevisaUnivision has finally premiered “La Casa de los Famosos México”, the Latin version of the popular reality show that swept Telemundo’s ratings for three seasons, now seeking to do the same on Las Estrellas. The reality show is hosted by Galilea Montijo, Odalys Ramírez, and Diego de Erice, and started airing on June 4 with new segments and stories. The program has also invited prominent Latin figures such as Wendy Guevara, Raquel Bigorra, and former “Hoy” host, Paul Stanley, who had a surprising moment during the first episodes of the show.

The Oxygen Mask From Paul Stanley

During the first night that the celebrities shared on “La Casa de los Famosos México“, the son of the late Paco Stanley appeared wearing an oxygen mask similar to those used in hospitals and emergency centers. He wore the health element only during sleeping hours, which surprised his colleagues, who questioned him, mainly Wendy Guevara and Bárbara Torres. During an exchange of suitcases, Stanley was able to only rescue his oxygen mask, which he connected to a tank of oxygen to use for resting.

According to Stanley, after being infected with COVID-19, his body does not oxygenate in the same way, since he was diagnosed with sleep apnea.

The Health State of Paul Stanley in “TODAY”

The Mexican presenter’s ailments are not recent, as he realized in April that he was suffering from sleep apnea after a long trip, which caused him to feel unwell. Initially, it was believed that he had overindulged in partying, something that the presenter himself denied in “Today”, showing that it was not a bad night but a health problem.

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In a medical report about Paul Stanley, his colleagues made it clear that his disease “corresponds to the Diagnosis of Respiratory Dysfunction Syndrome due to Prolonged Flight, which puts the patient’s life at risk if not corrected promptly, as happened with the patient Paul Stanley Durruty.”

Why Paul Stanley Rejected Alejandro González Iñárritu?

In an interview on the “Pinky Promise” podcast, the “Hoy” host shared several of his projects and anecdotes. Among these, he recalled when he had to reject renowned director Alejandro González Iñárritu. Stanley revealed that he was part of the call for casting for the film “Bardo,” which was later acquired by Netflix for the Mexican director. Visit our “Pinky Promise” article to know more about his reasons.

“La Casa de los Famosos México” promises to be entertaining with unexpected twists in store for viewers. Watch out for more updates, unfoldings, and surprises as this exciting reality show unfolds.

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