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Why Prince Archie And Princess Lilibet Don't Travel To The UK

Why Prince Archie And Princess Lilibet Don’t Travel To The UK

A source close to King Charles has revealed that his relationship with his grandchildren, Archie and Lilibet, leaves a “massive hole in his heart.” The source shared with Us Weekly that Charles has only spent a few fleeting days with them and relies on video calls during important occasions. This distance is especially difficult for him given his close relationship with the children of Prince William and Kate Middleton. However, it is important to note that Charles’ own choices have played a role in the Sussexes having no residence in the United Kingdom.

According to documents filed in April 2024, Harry has officially declared the United States as his country of residence, as reported by Express. Notably, these documents mark June 29, 2023, as the day Harry changed his residence. Royal commentator Esther Krakue mentioned to Sky News Australia that the choice of this date is significant. “It’s very interesting that Prince Harry chose to date his official U.S. residency on the day he was kicked out of Frogmore Cottage,” Krakue said. She added that Harry was likely trying to send a symbolic message, reflecting on what has been lost and perhaps what should never have been in the first place.

Royal author Tom Quinn shared with The Mirror that Harry and Meghan had always imagined Frogmore Cottage would be available to them, even if they were no longer working royals. They thought it would be a place they could return to during their visits to the U.K., even if those visits were just for a few weeks each year. Unfortunately for the Sussexes, Frogmore Cottage will reportedly be rented out now, adding insult to injury.

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